Special Spring Training all-white kit

Starting yesterday, my spring training kit is now all-white. This is Zwift 1.65 on an Apple TV. Please see attached screen shot, and notice that, just up the road from me, is another recipient of the special all-white kit (P.rometheus).

I kinda like it, but I’m guessing it’s not right.

Hi @P_eteJ Thanks a lot for this report, I’m Norman from Zwift. This is very odd and I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think I’ve seen this before, mostly on other riders though, and not on your own Avatar.

I also kind of dig the all-white vibe, but I forwarded this to the main guys because it shouldn’t happen. If this happens again it’d be great if you let us know with another screenshot!

And if anyone else has seen this, sharing is caring! Let us know in which device it happened and if it happened recently as well, it helps a lot more than you think.

Ride On.

Hello @P_eteJ , glad to see you’re dressed to stay cool as the weather heats up! I took a look at your recent activities and it looks like your current Zwift session has been going for a few days. Before you start your next Zwift activity, I recommend force closing Zwift to refresh your Apple TV’s memory before Zwift next launches. If that doesn’t return the color to your kit, I’ll be happy to work 1:1 with you to investigate this further.

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Known problem on Apple TV

I suggest deleting the app and reinstalling

The answer from Rowdy below to close app and restart the AppleTV has always cleared it in the past. There should be no reason to delete and reload the app. It happened to several of the kits from 70-100 and just a quick restart of Apple TV is all it takes.

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Thanks all. Problem resolved, but I still kinda miss the all-white kit.