White wheels and Animals


Not sure if I’ve a bug, a known concern or a design intention.

I use Apple TV 4K for zwift and have noticed that on my screen all the tron bikes inc mine have white wheels, but on snap shots the wheels are the correct colour… likewise an event I did was live streamed to YouTube and the colours were correct.

I’m also seeing white stags in makuri ( mystic beasts ) but they’re brown on screen shots.

Anyone else see that?

It’s because of a typo in the file paths, due to be fixed in the next update (or possibly the one after next, if it doesn’t make it in).

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I see the old topic not close so I take opportunity to bring now new issue.
I have exactly same issue today (3 March 2022) I did 3 races:
ZwiftPower - Login ( no issuer)
ZwiftPower - Login (White wheels)
ZwiftPower - Login (White wheels)

My configuration Appel TV 4K

Ride on

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Have you checked to ensure that you are on the latest version of Zwift for ATV?

ATVos 15.3
Zwift version : 1.22.4 released 18 feb 2022
So yes today all are well updated

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I’ve 100% seen similar, on a 2020 iPad Pro running the latest version of Zwift.

Last night, anyone riding the Concept Z1 had glowing white wheels, though the seat-post had colour applied.

I logged back in today and checked again - we’re back to colour.

Very strange. Stranger still: most of my riding in Watopia everything was normal. It was only when I started a new free-ride in Neokyo the Z1s went white.

EDIT - in past, deer were all white. One of the recent updates fixed that one.

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