Odd issues since last Zwift update [AppleTV]

Has anyone else experience any of the following since last update?

  1. Being allowed back into the pen for a race after the allowed time
  2. Avatar continuously thrown out of a blob of riders
  3. No pictures uploaded onto Strava - despite many being taken using Companion App.
  4. Erratic ride position ranking during a group ride, despite the position within a group ride showing otherwise
  5. Wheels of other riders’ Tron bikes appearing white despite other riders saying they were the correct colour
  6. Pushing out a load more watts than every other rider around you

If so, then is there something wrong somewhere (question for the Zwift technical experts?)
Can anyone suggest any corrective action?

Thanks in advance,


Not experienced any of those or heard of them being reported.

Can you give us more detail of your setup?

I use Apply TV. Is that what you mean?

Also AppleTV 4k (v2)
Today I saw white Tron wheels, including my own, plus a very annoying new issue where I was unable to join a meet-up. I tried 5 or 6 times, with no success. The JOIN button would appear for half a second then disappear.

Yes, I’m not a TVos user myself but i could have predicted your answer as for some reason that platform attracts a lot of issues.

I’m sure somebody with better knowledge than me will be along soon.

Yes, I have also had issues trying to join a meet-up whereby the JOIN button only appears for a very short period of time, then disappears!

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What, are you saying that ATV is the issue - not Zwift?!

Well it’s sounding like a Zwift issue that’s affecting AppleTV.

Loads of old bugs are back recently, it’s wonky AF.

Considering the unrest behind the scenes, one could speculate why…

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I’ve been using AppleTV as my primary Zwift platform since it was in Beta. It’s been pretty pain free, compared to some other platforms I read about here.

They’re all pretty pain free. Most issues are platform-agnostic, and a lot of the others are down to people trying to run a 3D game on completely unsuitable hardware (which is largely Zwift’s fault).

Hi @Paul_Potter1

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Took at look at your server logs on my end and noticed that your AppleTV box is still on tVOS v15.0.0. Weird things can happen when the OS is out of date, and may also explain why other ATV users here aren’t seeing what you are.

Apple’s support site says that the latest is v15.5.1, which dropped today. Would you follow the link on that page and manually update the OS? I’m curious if this solves your list of issues. Please let us know?

Thanks Shuji,

I have updated to the latest version of tvOS on my ATV. I also updated Zwift.
I will be entering an event later on this evening, so I will see how I get on, and whether I notice any of the previous (or even new) issues!



Hi Shuji,
The tvOS update to v15.5.1 seems to work OK. There was also a Zwift update, so I ended up doing the two. None of the previous issues appeared on several different types of rides I did last night, so that was encouraging! Regards, Paul

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Looks like it wasn’t a Zwift issue after all. :wink:

Glad it’s sorted.



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