Tron missing lightbulbs?

Why are my Tron’s wheels not lighting up? I worked hard for this bike and want to see it in all of it’s glory. Using apple TV 4k

Is this in an event of some sort? I don’t use my Tron bike much, but it seems that in larger events the wheels of those who are using them don’t light up. I’m guessing it’s a deliberate choice to reduce processing power, or something like that, but not really sure on that. I never see any issues like this when I’m free riding, though.

Happened last two rides. Just free riding around London and then again during a race in Watopia.

Hi @Feendog

I’m curious - what’s your game resolution set to here?

I dont have that option with Apple TV. Besides, this is a new development. It’s been fine for weeks prior to the last couple days.

Stand by please. Our QA team is checking this issue.

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Thanks. It appears that deleting the Apple TV app and reinstalling it fixed the issue. I bet a power cycle probably would have worked too


The old uninstall/reinstall eh? Glad it’s working now.

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I’ve been plagued by this problem as well the last 2 weeks. If I unplug my Apple TV4K, then plug it back in and start Zwift, the color returns. The next time I log out and in again, the color is gone. I would like to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the ATV, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to delete it! Can anyone help? I searched and found instructions, but they don’t seem to give me any type of delete option for apps. Thanks in advance.

Hold down the main button on the remote until the app wiggles, then push the play/pause button for options. Select delete


I won’t delete my earlier message reporting the same problem, but I will add this to say I figured out how to delete and reinstall the app on my ATV4K, and it fixed the problem! So yay!

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Many thanks! I didn’t see your reply before searching again for a solution. Think my earlier error was trying to do this on some screen other than the main apps screen. Appreciate the quick reply!

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Thanks for looping back to say it worked for you. It will help others in the future, I’m sure.

Logged on today and my wheels are not glowing…again. You guys should probably look into this. I don’t think the long term solution is to have all your Apple TV users constantly having to power cycle to make it work.