Neon Wheels Gone (Tron Bike)

I love my Neon tires on my Tron Bike… I worked hard for this super cool bike. After the latest update…my tires no longer have any color at all. Any others having the same issues? What to do? Thanks!

Is this happening always, or just on certain rides? I don’t use the Tron, personally, but I do notice that on some rides those who are using it do not have the glowing wheels. My feeling has been that this is on rides with lots of people, so perhaps this just eases the system load. I am also using Apple TV, so that might be a part of it, also. Maybe try a few different rides, group and solo, to see if the lack of glowing wheels is consistent.

Hi @Carolyn_Kalish

After working hard for the TRon it should light up.

Have you tried to change the color in the Gerage?

Mine still light up. Windows 10

what system do you use for Zwift?

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Hi - yes I have tried adjusting the slider color choices. Still just black tires. Boo Hoo! Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Nigel - Always happening…no matter what type of ride I am doing. Happened after the last update. I use Apple TV as well. I have noticed that all the Tron bikes lately do not have Neon glowing tires. Guess I should contact support. Thanks for your input!

FYI, support is swamped right now so it will take extra time for them to get back to you. In the meantime, do you force close the app on Apple TV every time you are done riding? @Nigel_Tufnel, what other magic spells do you use to keep Apple TV from having issues?


I defiinitely force quit the app (as well as Companion) after EVERY session (even when I’m going back-to-back rides). Give that a shot and see if it helps.

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Hum…no I do not force close my app on Apple TV or my companion app. I will try that! Thank you.

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