Tronbike wheels not lighting up!

Hello all the last time when i do a event the wheels of the Tronbike not light up, i use Apple tv
Enyone else got this?

I had this happen once. I think it was during one of the Tour of NYC stages. If I remember correctly, I thought it was all TRON bikes until I saw a few normal ones. To be honest, after a while, I started to like the look of the bike that way. Anyway, it was only for that one ride so it must have been sometime of glitch.

Thanks!It only happens when i do a groupride dat is not in the schedule world tonight the schedule world is NYC my groupride was in London so in London the wheels where off after the groupride i go back to NYC and the wheels light up :grin:

I spoke too soon. My wheels were dark during Stage 5 of TdZ this morning in Richmond. Oh well! It’s not a big deal. I’m going to assume Zwift HQ knows and will one day get around to fixing whatever is broken.

They will fix it Some day haha