Have the Tron bikes lost their glowing wheel?

All week I’ve had black wheels. Frame still glows but hardly noticeable now. Fellow riders are the same in my view

Nope, mine was fine this morning and so were others that I saw.

Tell us more about your setup.

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I’m on an iPad is about all I can say. Noticed it all week now. Searched the forum a couple of times thinking if it was a thing there’d be uproar. As there wasn’t I assumed it’d be a short lived bug but it’s been about 5 rides now

I’m on Apple TV, so I can’t speak for iPad users. But as you say, no-one else has complained. What model of iPad do you have exactly? Just wondering if it’s quite an old one and for some reason it’s not handling things properly.

Have you tried rebooting the iPad to see if that fixes it?

I just popped in using Android v 1.12.1 and the wheels were glowing.

Show us a camera view 4 screen shot.
It looks kind of cool.

It’s an iPad Pro, one of the bigger screen ones, not recent but not that old

Well what do you know, a reboot of the iPad did fix it!

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Standard computing maintenance technique #1


Happened to me after update too :slightly_frowning_face: