White deer on iPad, possible missing a texture?

During the Makuri Island badge hunt Stage 2 last night I noticed that the deer were all white. It’s possible the deer texture is missing?

It seems like others are having this issue too. All Apple iPad users and not just Makuri Islands.

Also Apple TV - I thought they’d become polar bears for the (northern hemisphere) winter!

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Happening in France with deer too, as per Silly things that annoy you about Zwift (Keep it light and Fun) - #347 by S_Bierbichler

It reminds me of the White Tron bike issue from earlier this year.

I am on AppleTV btw.

Honestly thought they were like white stags lol.

No they used to be normal brown colour. I thought it had something to do with Neokyo light effect that buggered up the deer, since it started at that time.
The light in under water tunnels also seemed very funny on that day - can’t say I’ve been in the tunnels since to see whether it was a once-off and/or tiredness! :wink:

It is a texture bug. Happens to me also.

Hey all - we have fixed the texture bug that makes the deer appear white. Please verify next time you’re out riding the sections where you saw the deer.

CORRECTION: the fix is “done” but hadn’t been released in the 1.20.0 release. Internal miscommunication and premature announcement on my part. Sorry all - the fix is coming, though!

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It seems that some of the deer have been fixed (I certainly noticed a lot less white animals on my last ride in Yumezi) but I think the stags are still appearing white. They’re quite far away on Yumezi though so I can’t be certain but I did a race in France (R.G.V route) last night and there were a lot of white stags around 10km into the race. I didn’t take a screenshot because it was a race and I was just trying my best to hang on.

I’m on ipad, did Surrey Hills in London today, and saw the mythical albino deer. Not that I’m complaining, I think they look pretty cool - maybe make them pink for valentines day, green for st paddy’s day, give them santa hats next week etc. :slight_smile: Anyhow - Is there an update that has to be installed to get the textures, or is it fixed server side? If it’s server side then the issue is still there, if not then I might just need to check for an update.

Saw a number of white deer in Watopia this afternoon. I had seen them other places earlier, and had just assumed they were on purpose, but maybe not. I’m running Zwift on an iPad.

@shooj: Using ATV. Saw the white deer all over Watopia this morning.

Yeah… soo… the fix is “done” but hadn’t been released in the v1.20.0 game client. Internal miscommunication and premature announcement on my part. Sorry all - the fix is coming! Also updated my update above.


I was about to post pictures of the white deer in France!

No need to apologize; I actually thought the white deer were pretty cool.