Missing textures on iOS

After the white deer on Makuri Islands issue last month (which mostly seems to have been fixed in the last update although I think the texture for the stags is still missing, they are so far away that I can’t be sure) it seems there is another missing texture on the gas station at the retro future village in the deserts of Watopia. See linked picture where the round sign on top of the building is glowing white. This is also on top of the gas pumps (although it’s not easy to see in the picture).

I think this issue is only affecting people on iOS (and maybe Apple TV). I’ve noticed it the last two times I’ve ridden this road.

Still there:

You’re replying to a post from December 2021 - it did vanish after an update but has long since been fixed.

I think that picture was taken in last 19 hours so possibly no longer fixed.

Somewhere on Tiny Race stage 4 on “6 Train” this morning, a group of buildings popped in ahead and to the left with no textures. Cannot recall if they got textures as we got closer, I was hanging on for dear life at the time! :crazy_face:

This was on Android app on my Mi A2.

I know, Chris. But it was obviously not fixed in the IOS version.

Sorry i misunderstood what you meant - i thought you meant the missing textures were still there (as in they weren’t missing) but you meant the bug is still there!

My bad - sorry.

The textures are still missing in the tvOS version of the game. The picture is from October 26th, 2023.