Mont st michelle white

Just riding l’etape on tv. The mint is plain white with no textures.

Same here, MacBook Pro.

Same for me on AppleTV 4K. Mont St Michel is bright white. Surely this isn’t right? It certainly looks nothing like real life, or like the screenshot (from ZwiftInsider) below.

does the tide ever come in ?

No, and night never falls either. But personally I’m not bothered by those aspects.

yes but ironic that last week when london has one if it’s hottest spells ever, in game it always seemed to be raining… :wink:

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8 months later and still not fixed!!!

Yep, ridiculous. Probably just a missing texture file that would take a few seconds to fix.

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They have a big daily meeting to decide if they fix this or the elevation graph in London hills, but by the time the meeting is over, there’s no time to fix either. So they postpone to the meeting on the next day.


For me never white, since they opened France.
GTX 1650, Ultra graphics profile.

The problem is only on Apple TV (and MacOS?), and has been there from the first day that France was released.

This a a thread about a bug on Apple TV, your comment has no relevance to the issue :man_shrugging:t3:

I hadn’t ridden in France for some time, but when I did last Tuesday I noticed that this bug had finally been fixed.

Strange that this hasn’t been called out in the changelogs specifically. Maybe it happened when the white deer were fixed, although originally the deer were correct but Mont-Saint-Michel was still white.

Yeah I noticed recently that it had been fixed to finally - only took 18 months :rofl: