Colored box artifact [August 2022] [1.28.0]

When switching camera angles on Mac, I am getting these colored boxes on my avatar. MacOS 12.5, Macbook air M1. Saw this on Innsbruck

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Might be because of Off the MAAP. Probably just is calculated by the amount of riders nearby the pace partner

Edit: I did not see this happen when riding in Yorkshire

Thanks for the report @Oliver_ZRace_Central.

We think we have a good idea why it’s happening, and will work on verifying our theory.

If anyone else is seeing this on macOS too - please check which graphics processor is in use and let us know in this thread. Here’s instructions on Apple’s Support site.

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@Oliver_ZRace_Central is using an M1 MacBook Air. The M1 is both the CPU and GPU.


@shooj in Zwift Classics in Innsbruck today, all the BL13 and Electric Spirit riders had orange boxes similar to the dust clouds around them. Didn’t quite get a screenshot as the race was quite hard fast :hot_face:

But others in the race noticed it too

Win 11, 12th gen RTX2060

Like this? Colored box artifact [August 2022] [1.28.0]

Thanks for the report
Were there box(es) around your avatar(s), or somewhere else on the screen?

I know that you were in a race so you couldn’t capture a screenshot, but for anyone else reading along - having one would help us narrow down root causes.

Around the avatars upper bodies and would come and go as they moved around the bunch. I will check some twitch streams and find an example

Ok found one. A WLC shining blue, potentially the orange boxes of BL13 stood out more at 400w

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Same as the other thread then, meaning it’s not limited to M1. :+1:


Looks like this is the same issue as the one reported previously M1 Macs. We’ll expand the troubleshooting to other OS platforms.

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