Flickering box over my rider

I’ve been seeing a box roughly around my rider avatar/bike that flickers intermittently while Zwifting. I found some old threads about black boxes flickering, but they appear to have been related to a problem that was resolved in June 2023. Anyone else seeing this issue?

Are you riding in a group? This may be the newly rolled-out feature to help better identify your rider. Can be toggled on and off in settings.

Nope - it happens irrespective of having riders around.

what device are you running zwift on ?

The squares (black or red) are an ongoing problem

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Now also in yellow!

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They are mostly red these days; at least the ones I see. Transparent red.

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This appears to be the same, yeah. I haven’t seen the “rider following” flag issue, but this seems to be the issue I’m having.

Yep, mine have been red-ish also.

PC. With a modern graphics card and updated drivers, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

It looks like this. Fades away and then returns for no reason.

That looks like the issue known to affect some Macs with Intel integrated graphics, and PCs with AMD GPUs. What are you running the game on @Risd_Ryder ?

@SkylerHeise is that what you are seeing as well, or something else?

FWIW, this is not the issue I’m having. Mine appears to happen with tail lights.