Black boxes while zwifting [February 2024] [SOLVED]

I see the prior posts and never have experienced this but now am…my Zwift is updated and nothing new but all of a sudden there it is. What to do? Should add - I don’t have auto break, lights, steering or any of the other items referenced. Very frustrating. Switching to TrainerRoad for this weekend after several days of this issue and hoping resolved soon.

So, you saw other posts, and decided to start a new topic?
You should add your comments to an existing topic rather than start a new topic.

That is unhelpful because the other posts said an update last year dealt with this issue and yet here I am updated with the issue for the first time. Those posts are now old and cold. Can I please be referred to someone who can assist?

The issue {was} resolved, and came back.
A pinned topic that HAS NOT been resolved -

And then from Zwift Staff just yesterday -

Thank you. I had not seen this post.

Only saw the older ones and nothing more recent than October/November. I guess we just have to wait on a resolution, but frankly it makes Zwift unusable in the meantime. Too bad. Thanks again.

Hi @Jonathan_Schaffzin! Welcome to Zwift Forums, Gerald from Zwift Support here. I do appreciate you flagged this scenario!

I reinstalled my Apple operating system (which had been up to date) and had two rides with no issues. There is something going on with the interaction there. For now, I am fine. Thank you.

Hi @Jonathan_Schaffzin I value the time you took to perform those steps, I’m glad to read that everything was sorted out, your commitment is much appreciated! Ride On.