Black squares in Watopia expansion [October 2023] [1.51]

Just a word of warning to ZHQ; black square bug is still around it seems.
Visible in GPlama’s video:

Not entirely sure what the correlation is; usually it was a taillight for example on specifically the Concept bikes, but this one’s in a weird spot.

But I still wanted to point it out.
It is far reduced from what we saw earlier in the year, but I have still seen it myself a handful of times over the past few months, so not gone completely.


Can confirm I saw the same issues with random black boxes popping up on Canopies and Coastline today. Also when on the new coastal road the rider boxes for riders behind you at the bottom of the screen randomly turned black and stretched out a bit.

Running Zwift on PC

Me too.

Not only on the new road, I noticed that also on other roads.

Saw some more black boxes on Going Coastal today. These didn’t seem to be associated with any animated object.

Hey all - thanks for reporting this known issue. A fix has been made and it’ll be in the next release cycle


I get the black boxes also on the regular roads also. Did a ride with coco on the three little sisters route and I would get boxes flash at different points for no apparent reason…

Running Zwift on a Mac, haven’t seen the boxes and did that route yesterday, but there are a couple gaps in the ‘road’. Just a couple though, so great job. The varied scenery is so busy, maybe this boxes are a caching issue? The Crab Shack sign is hysterical and amazing! Good call putting that in. :+1:t3: The New England area is so iconic, interesting, amazing.


I can confirm these black boxed artefacts. First i thought that my GPU is faulty. But these glitchy things seem to appeared with the newest patch. I use Win11 a 4090, 7800X3D btw.

I’m not sure if this is related or not but there also appear to be large black squares on certain rider names when they are closing in on you. Potentially a text / emoji creating a larger background for the name than normal… or another black square issue.

That’s covered over here…

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I split off reports of red squares appearing into a dedicated thread. Red Squares in Watopia Expansion [November 2023]

I’m closing this black squares thread now.