Black square instead of distance for riders behind

Visible on picture. Seen many times. Only rode in watopia. Temples and also new coastal road. Were there.

Not exactly the same issue i am guessing. Here it is a bug with the data bubbles, not a 3d graphic element. That’s why i posted it separately.

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The issue that you describe is also mentioned in that thread - Black squares in Watopia expansion [October 2023] [1.51] - #2 by D_Watson

You could ask in there for confirmation that the upcoming fix includes the rider labels?

It does, it’s been confirmed it’ll be fixed next release.

It seems better but i still saw some black squares today,the only different they are there for half a second. Not at the bottom of the screen but on top of riders…

Recently I’ve often seen these “rider behind” flags stretched vertically. Not a black square but rather the flag is stretched to 2-3x the height.