Occasional black square on rear bike light

I’m sometimes seeing a black square indicative of a missing or corrupt asset. It appears briefly at the rear of others’ bikes, where the light shows up when it’s dark. Last saw it in the tunnel leading out from Downtown to the volcano, during the daylight (but obviously in shadow). I’ve also seen it in the pens before a race, in certain camera views. Not managed to get a screenshot as yet unfortunately.

Seen on multiple clean builds of Windows, and more than one release of the game. No other evidence that there’s any hardware issue causing this to occur.

Specs: Windows 10, i3-12100F, RTX 3060 Ti.

I seem to recall seeing that on AppleTV occasionally as well.

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Thanks. That would make sense, if it’s a lookup issue where the game is looking for something that’s broken or doesn’t exist. :+1:

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On ATV I regularly see ‘non-standard’ rear lights. Sometimes it’s ‘normal’, other times it’s just a red blur, other times it’s a white blur, and other times it just looks like a red (or sometimes white) ‘four points of light’ emanating from a center point. Very odd, but I just take it as one of Zwift’s (many) quirks.


As far as I recall it’s just meant to be a red light, only visible when it’s night time. Same on every frame including the Tron. So again that might explain why it’s sometimes not correct, irrespective of platform.

This has been a ‘quirk’ for quite some time over the course of many version updates.

“If you can’t fix it, feature it!”


I’ve been seeing this for years as well.

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I’ve also seen the “turn signals” of riders in front of you being just black squares.

Weird, I’ve only noticed it recently. Must only show up in certain circumstances.

It’s random for sure

I’ve seen 3 of them at once. No, I’m not drunk, it was where the turn signals used to be. Same motion as well.

I’ve seen that before, but not any time recently. This one was larger, and a single square.