Rear light

Hello all I’ve noticed the last couple of times I’ve been riding during a night ride the rear light is either not working or as was the case last time a red square. Has anybody else had similar issues and if so how can I sort it out

I have this issue occasionally. Sometimes it also appears as a white, instead of red, light. While I find this to be an annoyance in a ‘why is there no consistency?’ kind of way, I generally just shrug it off because the light has no effect on how anything works in Zwift; it’s just an aesthetics thing. Definitely a lot of other stuff I would like to see corrected before the taillight.

Yeah, this seems to happen quite regularly for me as well, not a big issue however as it doesn’t impact performance. It also seems to affect the turn signal arrows as well, they get distorted or pixelated. Not sure if it is a graphics card/driver issue on my end or a bug?

Same thing here. Thought it may have been because of Apple TV. Seems it’s not only me.

I only noticed the red square tail light when I changed to AppleTv 4K from using my iPhone to run Zwift.