Angled ‘Refracting’ line on the road | AMD Graphics [October 2022]

About a month ago I started seeing a permanent line about a bike length in front of me on Zwift that appears to be some sort of light refraction. It generally appears as a black line and it ‘swings’ around on the road depending on the angle to the light source you seem to be at. It alternates between being a straight line and a line with a angular point. The point moving from side to side progressively as your direction changes. It’s basically always there in some form. It also cuts through shaded areas as a strip of light that shouldn’t be there.

Has anyone else encountered this. Absolutely nothing at my end has changed. I have screenshots of it but could not embed items in this post.

Thanks to anyone who can help me resolve this.

Hi @Simon_Hawkins9658, I haven’t experienced this. What device are you using for Zwift? Maybe a graphics driver update is needed?

Can you post a screen capture?

@B_CN he was unable to attach screen shots, I think Zwift limits first time users to the forums from attaching items until they have made a certain number of posts or replies.

Possibly. But he joined Jun 15, '19 …

but today was his first post

@Simon_Hawkins9658 So… Just make a couple of posts to this thread…

I wonder how many posts are required before one can attach?

@Simon_Hawkins9658 send them to zwiftposts at gmail etc and I’ll post them up

Thanks Dean, I am ok to send the images through, thanks for offering. Are you saying the address is email address removed please?

By the way - for everyone’s info - my setup is a 2011 15" MacBook Pro, up to date with all system software etc., 16GB of RAM and nothing at all about the machine has changed. I’ve been on Zwift on that machine since the beginning in 2018 and there are no other signs of issue with any other app.

Thanks very much to those attempting to help.

Yep, thats the address

Simon’s pics … havent seen that before!

I also uninstalled and reinstalled it and there is no change. I emailed Zwift support but haven’t had a reply. Any idea what else to try while I wait on a response. There’s really not a lot you can change on an a MacBook. They’re all pretty standard.

I’m gonna guess this is another of the LoD bugs. I seem to recall that kind of distance in front of you being where some shadows jump to highest resolution. Also looks similar to the speckled shadows bug that’s been around for months, see last screenshot here: Speckled shadow textures in all worlds - #5 by Dave_ZPCMR

Unfortunately Zwift don’t appear to give a toss about this kind of thing. They hope you’ll buy an Apple TV and forget about it.

This may not be helpful, but for the record, I’ve never seen such (Windows 10.)

Possibly, a Mac-only issue? (maybe other Mac owners can share their experience…)

I have been having that issue for the past month too. I run Zwift on an 2010 iMac running OSX Sierra, 12 Gb RAM, running on high graphics detail level). Nothing has changed on the machine since I started using it for Zwift in April 2020.

I can’t attach pictures but I’m happy to flip my latest screenshot from Bologna (taken yesterday) to the zwiftposts email as required.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift with no success. I have generally given up worrying about this though as I am not particularly picky with graphics and I am generally too busy suffering to notice… :yum:

Send it through and I’ll put it up Adrian

I tried changing the resolution and that made no difference. Dean do you know what needs to be done to get Zwift support to recognise this post and attempt to do something with it?

Just mail them - once.

They do not ignore your mail - they are just swamped.

Sent it your way, thanks Dean!

They don’t appear to care about visual anomalies or performance on higher end hardware. The evidence is littered throughout this forum. Focus is the bottom end, where they can get away with 20-30fps, few shadows and low detail. As long as those people aren’t complaining, it doesn’t matter.

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