Graphic problem - rectangle of shadows flickering on the ground around avatar


I’ve installed Zwift on my new computer (Ryzen 5 2600 and AMD RX 590 ). As I launched Zwift for my (almost daily) session, it appears that a rectangle of shadows is flickering around the cyclist (see attached picture), which make the software almost unusable.

I’ve deinstalled / resinstalled Zwift, did the same for the pilot of the graphic card and same for DirectX. Still no improvement…
Could you please help me to fix it ? Any idea would be welcome: I can’t train at the moment…

As English is not my mother tongue, I hope that my explanation is clear enough…
Thank you for your time and I’ll be happy to post more information if required.

(Edit : added 2nd picture for more details)

Forwarding this over, thanks for the screenshots! Have you checked your driver for any updates?

Hello Vincent,
I checked prior to posting and yes, the pilots are up to date. I tried other games, like battlefield 4 and the setup works like a charm…
So definitely a Zwift problem I think… :slightly_frowning_face:

Just putting this up in case you didn’t know. A recent Zwift update (December '18 I think) changed the way your video card is detected and what level of graphics you are allowed to choose. An idiotic approach to game graphics settings, but this is where we’re at. Your card is not in Zwift’s detection list so you are getting basic graphics. Same thing happens with my nvidia 1660Ti, but I can get the high graphics level, just not ultra. It’s a zwift problem since now they will have to update the gpu discovery list to support new hardware like the 590 and 1660 cards.

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