Circular graphic glitches around avatar on Windows/AMD machine

Hey folks,

I experience a somewhat rectangular graphic glitch around my avatar which persists pretty much all the time but sometimes dissolves. It’s asthetic, no problems in function, but drives me mad.

I am using a Windows 11 machine with an AMD configuration (Ryzen 3600, Radeon 5700XT, 32 GB ram, high frame rate display (cut off at 100 Hz via Radeon software due to avatar flickering above 100 Hz)).

Here are two screenshots of the issue:

I’d be thankful for any advice! Ride on!

i think this has been discussed previously on other threads and somebody will find it shortly but if i remember correctly is a driver issue.

Haven’t found anything in the forum and would be very thankful if you do!
Drivers are all up to date and in standard configuration with the exception of frame rate limitation due to avatar flickering. Graphics setting is ultra 1440p.

@Jay_Hendrix @10K.Every.Day.In.23 is correct, this is a longstanding issue with AMD video cards.

Details here:

Unfortunately the bad news is that it’s still ongoing.

Looks like using old drivers helps.

Oh, well thanks for the info. I’ll hope for the best then :smirk:

Getting the same problem since the last update.

don’t get bullied thinking your driver is the problem, it is poor zwift backend as usual.

I’ve gone through so many “its your driver” problem with zwift only to see things fix themselves in later updates and then fail again. Kind of normal for zwift updates, when was the last time you got one that didn’t screw something up.

Nobody is being bullied here.

And the suggestion of rolling back the driver is a helpful solution, it is no way a way of placing blame on any party.

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