Zwift Graphics problem

Hi guys, i have a problem with graphic. I just downloaded newest graphics drivers… anyone know whats happend?. Thx.


I have the same Problem since the last Zwift Update. I have the newest drivers etc.


It also happened to me after the today’s update. Tried to reinstall the drivers, the game, direct x and open gl but nothing helped. Can anyone from Zwift help?

Me too!


Same problem here…

Mine was not a graphics driver update - its been fine and dont auto update - so certain that its the zwift update that caused the issue. :frowning:

The issue appeared after the lastest update. No Problems before. Graphics driver is up to date…

Same problem here after latest update


same problem here  :frowning:

since the last update.

Have the same problem.

Windows 10

Nvidia GeForce GTX 260

I have the same problem after the latest Zwift update. All Windows10/graphics drivers are up to date…

Same here.   

Me too :frowning:

Same problem. Just started today after the update. The screen looks awful.

I have reported this problem previously, although mine is a little less severe then these pics but still too bright.

I suspected it had something to do with the glare from the front light reflecting back but it doesn’t explain the background white out.

Has anyone tried to change from Ultra high or normal to see if this gets rid of the problem in the short term. I’m at work and can’t test until later…

Ultra, High or normal graphics that is…

Yes, I tried all of those settings. And I ride in the dark, its not glare

I am having this issue for 2 days now. :frowning:

Can anyone from Zwift please help in this issue? 

Come on Zwift support, are you even looking into this?