Zwift Graphics problem

Well, this is quite funny as this thread has most comments recently and nobody from the support reacted even once. Shame as most of us pay for the service. 

Same problem started after the update :frowning:

Still the problem. Anything?

Please Zwift guys. A lot of us are having problems with this white shades that hardly allow you to see what’s happening. For 3 days now from latest release and we don’t have any answer. Are you looking at this feedback section?

yup, i tried different nvidia settings, also tried different settings in the zwift graphics config files, no luck so far…

It looks like an error with glow / illumination but only to specific objects, we really need the zwift support desk  for this :expressionless:




Same here :frowning: Hopefully this can be resolved quickly!

Zwift worked perfectly before the update. It’s now broken. I updated my Nvidia Quadro driver. Completely reinstalled zwift. Restarted the computer. Commented here. Commented on twitter. Still the same problem and no reply.

Anyone opened a support ticket on this issue and got a response ?

Not sure if it matters, but I’m having the same issue.  Doesn’t look like Zwift has commented on it anywhere.

I opened a ticket on Tuesday and received the following reply: “Thank you for sending in the [computer specs] file and so sorry about that, it is a known issue and is in regards to very old Nvidia cards. We are investigating as we speak.” 

Win 7, nvidia gforce GTX 285 

The same ■■■■ Problem !!


Same problem, nvidia 240 gts, win10

Same problem here! Initially thought it was some kind of setting to decrease the load of the graphics.

#Ann , lol, well actually i guess a lot of people use ‘very old’ nvidia cards, because zwift is the kind of program you would want to run on a laptop that you are not using anymore right? at least, thats what i do.


since the previous zwift version was ok, i guess they tried to implement newer graphical libraries, opengl related maybe.

Same problem here.  

Same problem here.

System specs:

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX
GeForce 341.92 driver
Win7 Home Premium 64

Same here with a Nvidia GTS8800, I have wasted so much time with this, including reinstalling Windows, older drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling

I’ve had the same problem since the last update.  Hope it is resolved soon.



nvidia 9600gt

win 10