Riders and background are white after latest update

After the lateste update (14/12) all the riders and the background appear in bright white when using zwift. It looks like a graphical glitch, all other functionality is still ok. Also, on my other pc this issue is not appearing (win8.1 while the win7 pc has the issue)

I didnt try to alter some graphical settings yet to see if that helps, is this a known issue? also, anyone else has the same issue?


Gr. Jos


Have the same problem.

Windows 10

Nvidia GeForce GTX 260

Yep, mine is the Quadro FX 2800M on Win7, i checked and have the latest nvidia drivers installed. My other pc with geforce gtx 760 doesnt have this issue.

:wink: its nice that white light, but i am not ready for that yet, lol



I have the same problem! Running on Nvidia GTX 285

Same problem!

Same here.  Windows 7 and GeForce 250

Any solution? Staff members, pls i cannot ride! Did you see this problem?

I have the same problem. Windows 7…Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M. Cannot even use it. Hope I get some credit days. My free strava days are running.

me too

Windows 10 

me too - win 7 - geforce 8600M

yup, i tried different nvidia settings, also tried different settings in the zwift graphics config files, no luck so far…

It looks like an error with glow / illumination but only to specific objects, we really need the zwift support desk  for this :expressionless:


A lot of people with the same problem.

There is another entry here with more than 20 comments.

it started from latest release (Dec 14).

Same problem

Same problem here. Was working before the update. Any ideas how to solve the problem?

I submitted a support ticket and they are supposedly working on a fix. No time estimate.

I’ve submitted ticket and all others with problem should too as it is not affecting all setups. My new rig using onboard graphics is not affected only old rig with dedicated graphics card.

You need to submit ticket with graphic card make and driver details.

Graphics card nvidia Ge Force 8800 GT

Driver nvidia




Also send copy of  PC specs log file instructions as follows

Windows Users

In your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder, there’s an automatically generated .txt file called “ComputerSpecs.” Just attach that to your response, and we’ll get back to you with further troubleshooting steps!

same here

The latest update seems to address the issue, on my laptop everything is ok again :smiley: