Graphics problem

I seem to have some problem with the grafics on my Zwift. Any suggestions on how I can fix it?


Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, Windows 7, Intel HD 4000

This problem typically shows up when your graphics drivers are out of date. YOu mentioned you have the Intel HD 4000, so try using their automatic updater and see if it solves the problem. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, i have a problem with graphic. I just downloaded newest graphics drivers… anyone know whats happend?

Same here, on Two different computers…


A LOT of People With this problem now…

on an Onboard nvidia Quadro NVS140, newest nvidia driver 341.92 the same effects with the “white lights”

Hey anyone solved problem? I have the same issue with newest nvidia drivers 341.92 the same effects with the “white lights”

I also have same graphic problem, the “white ligts” issue.

My graphic card is Nvidia GTX260 and I updated newest drive.

Anyone knows the solution?


There’s no such issue at my another pc, which has Nvidia GTX 750 graphic card with 359.06 driver.

tested before with an older nVidia Driver 340.84, same issue. Don’t seems to be a Driver prob.

On my wokstation also with a nVidia grafics Card no issues so far