Zwift Graphics Problem

Hi guys, i have a problem with graphic. I just downloaded newest graphics drivers… anyone know whats happend?

seems like the “bloom” effect has been put on steroids :wink:

Have the exakt same problem on two computers, according to the Zwift riders Facebook group, there are many more With the same issue… Whats up??

I have exact same problem on desktop pc with old Nvidia graphics (think it’s a GTX 260), works fine on Surface Pro 3, although it runs a bit hot on long sessions.

Same problem here.

System specs:

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX
GeForce 341.92 driver
Win7 Home Premium 64

Exact same issue


I have the same problem with GTX260.
Zwift told me there will be a patch within this week.
Hope to solve the issue soon.

The latest Zwift update on 12/21 should have resolved this for you. 

_ “Fixed problem with older NVIDIA 9000 and 200 series graphics cards showing everything glowing bright.” _