Display issues since update since 14 Dec

(Peter Mutten) #1

Program working great until recent update, now I get this.  Any ideas?

(T Roctus) #2

Same problem here :frowning:

(Christian Koch) #3

I ve got the same problem, I made the update from Windows seven to ten, the day before, I heard that this could make problems with the graphic driver.

(Matt Dreamy [HIK] C) #4

I’ve got the same problem after Zwift update.

System specs

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX
GeForce 341.92 driver
Win7 Home Premium 64

(Peter Mutten) #5

Matthijs, I have the same card, driver and system.

(Nigel Van de Velde) #6

Same problems here.


Nvidia 9800m

Latest driver

Win10 x64

(Torbjorn Berger (MTCT)) #7


The Zwifties confirmed that it is caused by a problem with “older” NVIDA based graph.cards