Issue with level 80 kit

Level 80 kit doesn’t render on the avatar.

What game version are you on? How is your internet connection?

1.55 internet is not an issue

Hi @the_guaiwu

Thanks for reporting this. In the sessions after this one - did the textures of the kit load correctly, or does this still persist?


I moved to Makuri and kit design populated. I quit and went to Watopia again and the kit was fine. Thank you.

Hello Shuji,

I have noticed with levels 90 and 91 that the kit textures do not appear on the avatar until I exit game and reset the AppleTV. Saving and exiting Zwift is not enough to load the textures. I did see a few other riders yesterday with all white kits on. I didn’t ask them if they were also on AppleTV. I hope that this information helps. Thanks for all the information you’ve provided over the past few years

This seems like a lot of extra hoops to jump through, and leads me to wonder if something specific to your Apple TV box might be going on? Like there’s not enough free storage capacity left? Here’s how to check.

When you say you “reset the AppleTV” do you mean you power it off / on, or are you saying you’re doing a factory reset? I ask because maybe a factory reset might help.

Sorry reset is wrong word. Restart is correct. Generally after a complete a ride I will restart my AppleTV. I’ll check the free storage and get back to you. I only use the AppleTV for zwift so I’m not sure that is it though without checking as you asked that’s just a guess. When I get home later I’ll look. Thanks.

Hello Shuji,

I checked and the appletv has Zwift and no other apps. Restarting the unit seems to allow the textures to load. One thing I didn’t mention is when I level up and immediately change to new kit I can see it on the avatar. Once I end ride and go to next ride the avatar will have the white kit until i restart the appletv.

I’d recommend you try at factory reset of your ATV. Instructions are linked above.

Since Zwift is the only thing you use it for, it will be a quick and painless thing for you to re–install one app after the reset it done. Would you loop back and let us know if that solves it for good?

will do and let you know results, thanks

I did factory reset of AppleTV and reloaded Zwift. Level 93 kit showed up when still riding. When I exit and start new ride I see white kit again. I had friend check and she can see correct kit. Kind of a strange one?

Also factory reset didn’t help the HR dropping. I’ll add that to the correct thread to not confuse anyone. If it’s just me seeing a white kit it isn’t a big deal. I generally restart AppleTV after done riding. It is no additional steps for me.

I reached level 80 in Innsbruck today, changed my kit mid ride, no problem. When I ended my ride in Innsbruck and went to Richmond, I was in an pure white kit, while the level 80 kit was shown as selected in my kit garage. I ended this Richmond ride and went to Watopia hoping to solve this issue but still in pure white. I use Apple TV and have the most recent Zwift version.

You need completely exit the game and restart the AppleTV. It happened to me every new kit from level 80 through 99. 100 worked fine. They had me do a factory reset of the appleTV and reinstall zwift clean it did not help don’t waste your time with that step.

Thank you. I will see how it goes today! Appreciate your feedback.

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Be bold, wear the all white kit! :smiley:

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The jeopardy! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: