Why are almost all riders all black? [SOLVED]

For several weeks now my Avatar looks like he is wearing a black skin-tight full body outfit. Many other riders look the same. What’s wrong?

You haven’t updated your app for several weeks, you should do so.

My Companion app is running on the latest iOS release. Are you referring to the Apple TV app?

Even though I have Auto Update set to “ON” on my Apple TV, the Zwift Apple TV app had NOT updated! WTHeck. Anyway, installed the update and hope that solves the problem. Thanks, Dave!

No probs. Even when auto-update is set it doesn’t always happen in a timely manner. Whenever there’s a new release of the game or Companion app you should check for an update manually as soon as possible to ensure you’re getting the latest features. The issue you had was fixed with a patch a couple of weeks back.

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you should also be in the habit of force closing the apple tv app after EVERY use to clear out the game and ensure a less buggy experience.


Good advice. I have been reluctant to force close the Apple TV app as it makes me sign back into my account if I do that. I haven’t tried in a while, so maybe I should give that a try again and see if doesn’t make me sign in anymore. Cheers and Ride On! Mr. Luigi

I always force close my Apple TV app, and I’ve nevet been asked to sign in again. Sounds like maybe that is something that doesn’t happen any longer


This was an game art bug that affected Apple TV, and it was patched mid-August. Please make sure to update your game app.

I manually updated the Apple TV app and as advertised, the game art is back to normal! Gonna force close the Apple TV app tonight after I have my second ride of the day and see if I am asked to sign back in or not. Fingers crossed I don’t have to. Thanks again to everyone.