Where’s my hair?

Yes, this is a very minor thing to complain about but there appears to be a bug with hair color, and it looks like it’s only affecting female riders. My avatar has black hair instead of the blonde selected in settings. It’s like a black void that comes and goes. I see it on other riders too but only female. What’s up Zwift?

My wife is having the same problem. Her avatar has black hair no matter what color she selects. Update: This appears to be a problem on the Apple TV app. On the iPad app the hair color is correct.

Update 2: restarting the Apple TV fixed it. I suspect force closing the app would also fix it.

This just happened to me too & then my resistance stopped matching the road. Happened during a Herd ride so didn’t want to force quit. What’s up?

I’ve been wondering the same thing but that’s IRL and not my avatar. He looks better than I do!

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