Avatar has wrong hair colour

My avatar has red hair - today my avatar loaded with black hair and even though I logged out and back in several times i couldn’t change it back to red
Ithe last time this happened I was also dropped from the event I was in and couldn’t get back in.
Today I was loaded as black hair I was in the Absa Cape race and was dropped out with 6.8 k to go couldn’t get back in the race but put me back in Watopia with red hair
Really disappointed I couldn’t finish the race it,s like I wasn’t even in it😞

I’ve had this happen a few time’s re hair colour and missing socks lol didn’t matter how many times I logged in and out it wd not let me change it back ? It sorts itself eventually after a few rides I’ve realized it’s usually on the day my monthly subscription renews so I try and stay off zwift on the same date each month it cd be the same for you maybe

Me too! All the girls in the workout had black hair. The boys had various colours. LOL!!

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