changing of the hair, sunglasses...

When I began with Zwift I personalized my person.  Now a few days, a can’t change my hair, my sunglasses, i’m just like a guy.

but I can change my outfit, my socks, but not my hair en mijn sunglasses.

Before that it was al OK, suddenly my hair is gone en my sunglasses too.

I click on the hair, but nothing changed!! very straights 

what’s the problem?  How can I fix it?

A known issue Heidi - we’re all looking the same at the moment, bald, no shades or other facial features <sigh>

Yes.  I lost my hair, beard, and sunglasses today.  And I could not restore them.

I too am bald without glasses. Lol. I noticed most everyone else had hair but did see some other bald girls out there! Kinda funny but not really

No hair (includes facial hair options) or glasses for me as well. The dust is killing my eyes.

We’re working on the hair issue. Thanks for the reports!

Would love to get my shades back…some pesky fan took them and now I’ve got bugs in my eyes and a strange dazed look…does seem to fix when you lose the helmet though…


Tour de Watopia for the eunuchs…

yes the same problem. Lost me hairdo and my sunglasses !!! Im not fast but at least I can look the part 

Ha.  Actually the program has been running better for me since this happened.  Getting good elevation changes and no dropped wattage.  Must have been the weight of that man bun and beard.