Issues with Avatar

I have lost customizations on my avatar. They are selected but do not show on the rider. Specifically gloves, beard and sunglasses. My jersey switched to default also but I was able to change that back.

I have the same problem … just started a day or two ago.

Same here. Noticed I was bald! If I choose a helmet I cannot have sunglasses nor hair. If I remove the helmet than they show up. Wasn’t like that a few weeks ago.

Me too - this is a bug that emerged after the last update, was fixed, and now makes a comeback.

C’mon Zwift, this is kinda… amateurish. 

Me too.

Lost my sunglasses.  If you remove your helmet they come back but at the moment the two are mutually exclusive.  Hadn’t noticed the missing hair but will check.

As above, my avatar has had the same happen… no beard, shades, hair… scarily I resemble froomey now…hmmmm not cool!

I also have the issue with beard and shades missing, yet still see other riders with there customizations on???

You can remove the headband or the helmet and that should resolve the issue, Zwift is working on the problem.