Can avatars have different hair colours please !

I’m a blonde cyclist :wink:, would be great to see that on my avatar . Such an important upgrade !!

Hi Rachel - we hear you! It’s on our list, but it’ll be a few months. We’ve got a few big things to get out first :slight_smile:

I’m a gray-haired cyclist. I’d give my avatar hair to match, if I could!



Ha ha - Brilliant , thank you - I will wait as a virtual brunette for now…:wink:

I wear no hair and so my Avatar is just perfect (co-incidentally he looks extremely similar anyway).

However, I do support the idea of various different colours and possibly lengths of hair.

I don’t have much hair IRL, so having any color hair on my avatar is a plus!  The ability to further customize you avatar to look more like you would be fun, but in terms of priority I’d rather have more courses



I’d like to be able to change the color/and or style of helmet.  Everyone in all different kits, but the same helmet.  Just kinda funny!

One more blonde female zwifter who would love a blonde avatar too, please!