Add more ethnic hairdos

(Angela James) #1

I am of African descent and would love if you could add an Afro or at least curly hairdo so I can identify with my avatar. I’m a graphic designer so if you need help I can create this hairdo just because I want more people that look like me to identify with their avatar and hopefully get into the workout more.

(Bo Thomsen) #2

I’m an old white male and I prefer my avatar to look different in this virtual world. It’s already much younger looking than I am :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for curly or afro hair. It’s so more fun if people can express individual choices instead of all looking the same. We can choose hundred of jerseys - so why not hair?

(Moka Case) #3

Thanks for pointing out the need for racial diversity for the avatar hairstyle. I’m also of African descent with long curly hair. Dreadlocks would be cool too.