Diverse Avatar Features Please

This app has people from all over the world using it.

Why aren’t there more choices for the Avatars?

I am a black woman with long curly hair, but right now the only avatar choices have European features and the hair choices are straight hair at shoulder length max.

Would love to see more diverse avatar features. Representation matters

Pls and Thx!

Did you receive a response to this? If not, I stand with you in your request. Representation matters.

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No I did not receive a response. Posted again

Welcome to Zwift forums @Tammy_Benton_CenTex ! Zwift has gotten a lot of requests on this and I’m pretty sure they are working on it! Hopefully it will come in the next update!

Welcome to Zwift forums @ZedEhss. Yes they do. Everyone’s thoughts and support matters. Zwift has helped a lot of people in different ways. Maybe this help is still coming. :crossed_fingers:

Best thing to do here is WAIT. Zwift has been listening to this feedback for a long time. Hopefully you guys will get what you need soon!!!

Ride on, :ride_on:

Liz, with all respect - we have been WAITING for a very long time, not only for this feature. I am on Zwift since 2018, losing my patience now.


Yes, I can tell. With all due respect…- I think Zwift is trying to make people happy! There are a lot of problems they have to take care of.

You might’ve been on for a long time… but some things aren’t going to be fair.