Please make Avatars more diverse

Hello Zwift team!
2nd time I have posted feedback to have more diverse facial & hair features for the Avatars.

I am a black woman with kinky curly hair and fuller lips. My only options for women’s hair is straight short or long hair and the facial features are definitely European. As for black men, the only option is bald faded dreadlock ponytail. :weary::cry:

Given that you have a worldwide platform, it would be wonderful to show the diversity and cultural differences of your members

Hopefully 2021 will bring that feature to the app.

Please and thanks

Best Regards,
Tammy Benton

Agreed…Personally, I did not have any major issues setting up the avatar, I am a bald, black man. But the facial features are definitely a issue…I definitely do not have a anglo-nose, nor any of the other facial features typical of persons of European decent. So do the Zwift avatars need to be updated? Most certainly…let’s make a go of diversifying the platform avatars…if Apple can do it, Zwift certainly can!


Hi Zwift- Many cyclists are excited about your support of L39ION as their team continues to grow. Their work has allowed cyclists around the world to see themselves compete at a high level. So it would also be cool if your users from around the world could see themselves on this platform?

I hope a few years from now L39ION will be considered the first but not the only team that is advancing diversity in cycling.

Thanks for listening


Zwift did say a little while back that they plan a lot more diversity. But clearly it hasn’t been delivered yet.

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On June 5, Zwift said:

As of November 9:

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The irony being they copped a load of grief for that thread from goons who accused them of virtue signalling.

Evidently that’s exactly what it was.


Thanks for making this post. Literally went into my garage on Zwift because I had 13 new updates. While checking what new updates I had I also searched for an updated avatar. Unfortunately, the hair on the avatars only support males who look white and not black. I look forward to the day Zwift joins the 21st Century and support the representation matters mantra.


I would also like more senior avatars. Grey hair would be fantastic.


What is virtue signaling?


Me too. Thanks for responding with your support.

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Thanks Dave!

I have a totally shaved head (the part that didn’t fall out) and the only option seems to be stubble.

My avatar has arms I’m jealous of in real life. So there’s that.


One day I hope we can base our avatar from a photo. Agreed much more diversity desired and required!

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That would be awesome!

Aww, so you like your Avatar, cool! :clap:t4::raised_hands:t4:

@Tammy_Benton_CenTex I like it from the neck down!!

Progress! (per Zwift Insider)


Sigh…an Afro is progress, but so stereotypical, like the corn roll bald fade. :roll_eyes:

Please Zwift, get some diverse people on your design team.

Representation matters.

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