Long Hair Options for Avatars

A friend of mine commented that women don’t seem to have as many hair style options as men. Specifically, she has long hair IRL but can’t choose long hair or even a long braid for her avatar. Seems like it should be relatively easy for the developers to program. I emailed Zwift customer support and they suggested I share the idea with the community. Is this something ladies would like as an option? It doesn’t have be be only for women either but could be for all avatars regardless of gender identity?

I requested this feature two years ago… and got archived :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Hopefully we can get more ladies vote on this an get the hair one day…

I searched for the longest time since I couldn’t imagine they didn’t even implement this! It’s such an obvious must have.

It’s not just that there isn’t a longer hair option. I was very upset by this but it was also really annoying because I simply thought I had to have short hair!..When you first start to make your avatar it really does look all the hair styles are short hair styles - those two micro pony tail and micro plait are not even visible when you are choosing what hair style you want. I commented about this on my insta story and was told long hair or a long plait etc is difficult to design etc…if developers in the 90s could give Lara Croft a swishy long plait down her back I don’t see why it’s so difficult now.

I think maybe it’s just cos’ zwift doesn’t want you to know when you’ve been ‘chicked’ :wink:


Yes, they told me to come share the idea here too…so I’ve commented and voted! Need to get more long haired people to vote!! - I’ll get on it.

Would love to see this happen. My avatar needs a powerbraid! Extra points if they add a feature where my avatar flips her braid to the front and posts up when winning a race!

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We definitely need long hair options!

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Really disappointing to see there are essentially zero female options…especially in this day and age!! :-1:


And much more colors too!!

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Yes I would like to complete my avatar with long hair and grey, please.
Long ponytails, pigtails breads would be awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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YES! I need a long braid or pony tail for my avatar. This should be standard for female avatars.

Yes!! We need long hair options!!!

I agree!!