ponytail for female avatars


I just joined a few weeks ago and am frustrated at getting wheels and other "male " rewards I am not interested in while I can’t find a ponytail hairdo for my avatar…

As a woman, I want my avatar to look female.

I saw other similar posts but only managed to vote for 1/4 , the other 3 had disappeared but count my vote in!

Similarly none of the “kits” available is to my taste…



thank you!






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Hi Emma, 

We have several ponytails for female avatars; you just need to click and drag the hairstyles to see the full array. We have both a longer ponytail - like below - as well as some shorter ones and buns. 


Our CS team would be happy to help if you’re having trouble accessing these hairstyles.



Zwift Game Design

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Hi Jordan,

thank you for the answer.

I went back and this time clicked on every single square with hair and finally…yes, a ponytail…but a very short one. I clicked and dragged to no avail: how do I contact your CS team?


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Hi Emma,

Just click on “support” at the very top and then scroll down to the link to “submit a ticket.” (see below)

If you click through, the tiles will advance, but you can navigate faster by dragging (more useful for kits, where you might have a ton).




I agree with Emma and have commented on this in another post.  The pony tail Zwift used to have before one of the updates was long.  That one offered by them above is short.  For the guys they have a ton of hairstyles but seems like the women get relegated to the infamous Franken-Cut.  You’ve seen it -Flat wide head -hair chopped collar length.  If I didn’t know better seems kind of on purpose.

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A selection of pony tails going to the small one one’s back for the ladies would certainly be appreciated if you ask my zwifting wife.