Female hairstyle suggestions

As suggested, here is a post for female hairstyle requests.

My wishlist for short hair:

  1.  An edgy short pixie with lots of texture: somewhere between the asymmetrical “short” styles for women already there, but with a back/side that are textured like the shorter male cuts.

  1. A short braided pigtail style, since we know braids are more aero :wink:  Good because it can be done with many different hair textures/types:

I’m sure other ladies have requests too!

Love the gray braids!

A long single braid and a double braid would be awesome too. :slight_smile:

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Single plait would be fab or the ponytail we had before!

Ponytail gee I miss you…


And why are my shoulders so ridiculously broad? I dislike this look a lot. Make us more feminine please.

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agreed @ Jen Williams.  Or at least give us the option to have pear-shaped lady-bodies again.

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its very disappointing that the upgrade only focused on the Male cyclist.  I would have thought that Zwift would be happy to encourage us females to use their product, we are already such a small majority, but by

giving us Broad Shoulders and big asses, does not go down well.  I liked my ponytail but now I look like a wrestler when I have a small frame.  Please do something, I don’t need lipstick or a pink bike, just a bring back the female athletic body and a bit of a ponytail, please

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Hi all, 

Thank you for the suggestions! We definitely hear your feedback, and love it. We are working on creating more female hairstyles currently, and as soon as they are perfected, they will be released. Feedback like this is invaluable, and we are very glad that you all have taken time to provide it. Please keep sending suggestions, as it’s always helpful to know what you’re looking for. 

I suggest you to set a male 79kg rider and then change the weight to 80kg… so far from a cyclist and so close to a rugby player.

I’m not dissapointed for the upgrade, its just gorgeous and a BIG step forward. Just encourage them, support them and let them work.

please  just put back the ponytail that we had before. I hate the short hair or the bun. makes me look like a dude. I can’t stand the way it looks without it. I can’t pick myself out in a crowd of guys without it.

I do like the tall pink socks though. so now I look like a dude with tall pink socks. ]:frowning:

not a good look.


I don’t think the braids down the front will help because we are mostly viewing our virtual rider from behind. The short hair can not be seen when wearing a helmet, so the ponytail needs to come back. please…


The only positive thing I can say about my avatar these days is she has larger breasts than I do.

Except for the breasts, my avatar looks way more like a teenaged boy than she has any business looking.

As an aside, I’ve worked in tech for decades, so I know that pushing another release to production takes time. If it takes more than that amount of time I plan to cancel my subscription. You cancelled my fake pony tail, I’ll cancel your real money.


I’m wearing an orange mohawk until I get my ponytail back! I don’t understand how it was technically doable before, but now it is too hard. Now I want a tattoo sleeve to go with my bad girl image. :-) 

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PLEASE!!! Now that Zwift Academy has started, I was hoping that the latest update would have feminine hairstyles and more realistic female body shape. I hate my avatar looking like a man! And it’s really hard to tell who’s female and male out on the course. And also, please don’t be like the other video games out there making female cartoon breasts. We women like to keep it real! The old avatars were great - I can’t wait to look like “myself” again.

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As someone with a northern european build who never managed to get any of these mythical “curves”, I kinda love the new avatar[*]… It’s endearing similar to how I actually look, shoulders and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect the root of the problem here is that for BMIs between 20 and 30, there’s a MUCH wider range of builds for women than there are for men. I’d love to see some sort of “build”/“body fat %” slider though - this would also help to address @Juan’s comment about the lean rugby player vs fat cyclist issue.

Bring back the old ponytail though - it’s physics-defying ability to stick straight up during the sprint animation was great.

And, @Susan Ford, tattoo sleeves would be _amazing_.

[*] Edit: Just saw the low BMI/“climber” version of the new avatar during a group ride. Now I see what the issue here is - the shoulders on that are sadly _way_ out of proportion compared to how they look on the larger version.


+1 for adding tattoos. I’m not interested in being 70 or 80 and having tattoos I can no longer make sense of, but on account of Zwift things I have the body of a 20-something, I might as well enjoy tattoos!

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I’ve been off Zwift for a few weeks travelling… Got such a shock to come back see my avatar had short hair and the shoulders of a man, thought I’d logged into my husband’s account!!
I’ve been on Zwift since Beta stage, and I love the women’s look just the way it was (My character actually looked exactly like me!).
Happy to see I’m not the only one getting vocal about hating the change.

Bring back the ponytails, and get rid of the ridiculous shoulders.
Zwift we love you just the way you were… Now it looks like all men riding, including myself… I feel very disconnected the whole time I’m riding now.
Please change back!!!


Hi all, 

Thanks for all your feedback! If you update your game, you’ll see that we’ve changed quite a few things, including hair styles! 

Thanks for the response @Tyler S but I’ve done the update just now and still no ponytail?
All these complicated variations of hair are no use when you wear a helmet, and most of us ride viewing our character from behind, so a ponytail is the only style you can see.
All I want is the ponytail I used to have, and my butt size back to how it was. (Think it looks like the shoulder shapes were fixed though? Thank You!)

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Thanks Tyler S. and the Zwift team. I just updated and my pixie cut is fantastic!  No more men’s hairstyle for “me”.