Make regularly used customisations more easy to find

Can regularly or recently used customisation options be listed first in order to make them easily findable/reusable? There are certain frames and wheels, even clothing, which I will never use/wear (you aren’t going to find me on an Allez now I have an S-Works!) and it can be hard to find my preferred options now that they are listed pictorially rather than by name.

Listing regularly or recently used first would be one solution - favoriting would be another.

Good idea - we were talking about this at Zwift a couple of weeks ago - just haven’t had time to do it yet.   I’m not sure when we’ll get to it but it will happen at some point.  More customization items are coming this year.

Moving to Feature Requests forum. Thanks for the suggestion!

When you do, can you bring back girl’s ponytails?

We now have bald and guy cuts for us girls but long hair is gone???

Thanks for adding some blonde highlights and some reds.

Feel free to suggest various hairstyles you’d like to see (maybe even start a new thread on here for it).  One of our artists is scheduled to do more hair next week because we assumed we’d get some feedback! 

@Jon Mayfield, that is amazing about more female hairstyles.

I’m going to try to find that new suggestion thread, but my suggestion is for a girls’ short pixie.

Both of the “short” hairstyles that are a little more feminine are cut long in the back, rather than shaved/cut short like the old “short” hair in Zwift.

And the mohawk/shaved pomp is edgy - but just a little too bare on the sides to be feminine with the more masculine look of the new female avatars.  Something in-between would be fabulous.