Non-white hair/hairstyles

I think it would be great if new hairstyles were added to reflect a more diverse ridership, which Zwift obviously has. Any plans for this? Perhaps I’m just missing it? Thanks.

I agree 100%. At this point in history, where we can select emoji with such variety, the lack of a a natural hair style for so many people seems to be potentially alienating (I’ll gill the Zwift team the benefit of doubt that there is no intentional oversight here).


If Zwift didn’t have anything else to fix I think more user control of physical characteristics would be great, but I also see (and read about) a lot of other fixes / improvements that people have asked for in the past that are more important. In my list of priorities the hair thing isn’t too important even though my hairstyle / color / type is not there.

Does giving the population more selectable options for hair make the program function better? I think the answer to that would be a resounding no.

My hairstyle isn’t out there and I don’t particularly worry about that, my body type isn’t out there either but my focus is on the program and I’m more concerned about whether the game functions as it should and not whether a fake me riding a bike I don’t actually have with wheels I don’t actually own looks like who I am, which it does not and never will.

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While this isn’t important for you, it might be for others. I didn’t post this to start a debate or argument. It’s a feature request. Thanks for your input.


Let’s be honest, if you put it in a public forum you’re putting it out for debate.

You’re welcome for the input,

And I acknowledge your right to comment. Not saying you can’t, nor did I. That’s how forums work… You’re spot on.


I agree. Some customers might perceive better opportunities for Zwift to improve, and this does not fully account for the company’s possible range of priorities. Zwift might consider creation of a virtual environment comfortable to the widest range of customers and projecting a diversity that aligns with the world wide distribution of the software as important goals too.