Female hairstyles

(S K) #1

Any chance you could add a few female hairstyles? Perhaps a ponytail? There are lots of male styles, ever a man bun! Thank you!

(David K) #2

+1 vote for more hairstyles.

(Zee Kryder) #3

There are 2 pony tail options.

How about one with curlers for those early, early morning rides.

(Todd Matthews) #4

My wife complained that my avatar looks like me but she cannot make one that looks like her 

(S K) #5

I was told by zwift support that they made the hairstyles to be gender neutral. Hmmm… Does that mean the beards too? I saw a link somewhere that said there are ponytails, but I can’t find it. I also haves plenty of long hair guy friends, so perhaps we need it for the men too!

(David K) #6

Yes, the beards are intended to be gender neutral. Ha!

I’m kidding. I’d admit we do need to beef up our customization options a bit, and adding new hairstyles would be pertinent. I can’t promise that will happen within the next few months - we do have a lot of important updates we’ve been working on, but I’m sure it’s on our roadmap.