Dark avatar

Hi guys, since the last two updates my avatar is shown in various stages of dark shade. It also affects the riders around me for approximately 10 metres in front. Very annoying especially when it’s raining as my avatar is completely black.
Any known fixes ?
Jim Bianchi Brown

What platform are you using?

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Hi @James_Bianchi_Brown

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There was another seemingly similar issue reported on this Forums thread.

Is this the same as your issue or would you say it’s different?

If it’s different, can you share any screenshots as an example of the issue?

Also, what Stuart said, what device platform are you using to run Zwift (e.g, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Applet TV)?

Hi, I’m using Windows on my laptop through large tv. :blush:

Thanks, @James_Bianchi_Brown

Have you tried updating your AMD graphics driver?

Hi, I would say it’s different as only happens when in the different worlds, ie when I ride.