Permanent shadow in garage (iOS, iPadOS)

On opening the game in iOS (v1.25.2, old home screen UI) just now, to modify the bike/avatar, I found there’s permanent shadow in the garage. This is not related to the avatar in game being in shadow or night. See screenshots below.

Have tried it on iPadOS (v1.25.2, also old home screen UI) and got the same result.
Have tried starting a ride in a different world, but got same result.
Not getting permanent shade in the game.
Devices are both from 2019 and running most recent versions of respective operating systems.
Anyone else seeing this?

I know that there are other, older threads about similar issues on other platforms, but they’re either indicated as solved, or are listed as being only on those other platforms.

Hi @Roule_Thoune

Thanks for flagging this up. I’ve pinged the team and I’m waiting to hear back to see if this is an existing bug or if we need to get a new bug report in for this.

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Hi @Roule_Thoune

Looks like we’ve got a bug report in for this now. I’ve tagged this Forums thread with it for added visibility and now it’s with the developers. Thank you again.

Cheers, Steven.
It’s evidently only a minor concern, but I thought it was worth reporting.
BTW, I tried a fresh install of the Zwift app in iOS and rebooting the device a short while ago, but that didn’t improve things.

Understood. Yes, it was something our team was able to quickly reproduce, so this is helpful in terms of a prospective fix being worked out. I feel optimistic about this one.

It’s been like this on Android for me for absolutely ages.

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I’m also seeing this on Mac…

This is something that started with the launch of the French map.

On Android? Yes, lots of previous cases found. This is very new on the platform(s) in the thread title; never seen it in three years of use until now.