Why is it so dark in this dressing room?

Anyone else noticed that it’s very dark in the avatar customization area aka the garage? When pick out a new jersey to wear, I can barely discern its color on the spinnable in avatar. It’s like the whole thing is in shadow. This problem only started for me a couple of months ago. At that point, it was easy to see colors. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I see this on my phone (Android) but it’s fine on my PC.

Any chance you can drop a screengrab in your reply?

I checked on my Android. What I noticed as the avatar rotates, the overhead “light source” stays in the same place, but the shadow it casts moves with the avatar.

When the avatar is on the back end of its rotation (and the bike’s drivetrain is visible), the shadow is a little stronger than the front end of the rotation. Is that what you’re describing?

Thanks for your response Shuji. Like Steve, the problem is definitely on my Android. I’ve included screenshots.I also noticed the same problem on my brother’s i-Phone.

As you can see the problem is not just a shadow on the back end of the rotation.

I think this has to do where your Avetar is in the world, try riding to a lighter area.

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Thanks Gerrie, I can try that. But normally I change my outfits when I’m relaxing on the sofa, not riding… I do a “just watch” and that automatically spawns me to the same location in Watopia and I can’t ride away to some place brighter to curate my outfit. I know these are princess problems, lol. Just good to know it isn’t universally broken.

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I posted this in the suggestion room. Why on earth do we have shadowing in the garage room? It serves no real purpose and makes it difficult to view items.

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I’m having the same issue. It doesn’t matter wherever I am in the world in light or shade it still shows my avatar as being in the dark. See my views attached.

It’s definitely an Android issue (Galaxy S20+) and is still present in the game now in April.

On Mac laptop and iPad it looks fine. Would be nice to see this fixed as logging in on a specific device just to change socks is a right faff!

Just checked my garage and the unnecessary shadowing appears to have gone following the recent update :+1: