Zwift jersey selection in shadow

It seems that every time I try to select a jersey/helmet/socks/etc., my avatar is heavily shaded (as if standing under a tree), which makes it pretty hard to see what it looks like. Does anyone know what triggers this and how to get a jersey selection screen that is not shaded?

I’m trying to find a screenshot online that looks like what I see. This will sort of give the idea:

But that avatar is clearly lit on one side and rotating the view will show it better. Mine is completely in the shade, and its semi dark.

Similar to the avatars in this thread?

I agree and I’m annoyed with this as well. When selecting socks/kits/helmets in the garage the avatar is unnecessarily dark. I don’t know of any fix. A developer needs to add a light source to highlight the rider in the garage view.

Yes it looks like that but only in the gear selection View. Not in the world itself.

Thanks, good to know what to look out for. I dont change kit but do change bike so will keep an eye out.

What platform are you on John (and Daniel)?

Are you on Android? Because I have this on Android and have done forever. I think there’s a thread on it somewhere (not the one linked above).

Ediit - Why is it so dark in this dressing room?


I’m on Windows 10 platform with Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super.

I’m on macOS.