Bike sometimes casts no shadow

I’ve noticed this on a few rides. Sometimes my bike does not have a shadow. My avatar’s shadow is there, apparently peddling away on an invisible bicycle.

I’ve also noticed that the scene’s overall brightness seems to change in large-ish jumps - sometimes several jumps per minute. This is something the Zwift app is doing - I’m not adjusting my monitor. The bike’s shadow’s appearance and disappearance seems tied to these shifts. A jump in scene brightness and the bike’s shadow disappears. A few seconds later another shift in brightness and the bike’s shadow re-appears.

Hey Bhaltair thanks for the heads up! I’ll forward this over.

Here’s another from a couple of days ago. My bike casts no shadow, but other riders bikes do.

I will add to this:
as mentioned already, the lighting in this game is all over the shop (especially noticable and bad on the jungle/alp locations. Please sort out hte lighting in the game, not sure whether you are using global lighting or area specific localized lighting but its terrrible.

The road texture has a transparant edge to it (if the road were real this transparent edge would probably be about 6" wide). This is most noticable when riding up the alp and you can see the jungle road (and lower alp road sectors) through the transparent edge of the road.
The transparency is actually everywhere in watopia as I’ve seen it when climbing epic KOM.

floating trees in jungle section, floating/badly positioned snow boulders on epic KOM.
Just comes across as really lazy map asset placement.

While most tablet/phone users wont even notice any of this or care, I have a 50" 4K TV about 1.2m from my face. EVERY bad level design mistake/lazy placement becomes immediately noticable!!