Rider/object shadows randomly disappear [Oct 2022]

i3-12100F, RTX 3060 Ti, 8GB, SSD, Windows 10 Pro 21H2 up to date.

Game version 1.30.0, running 4K resolution setting via DP to a 95Hz 1440p monitor with adaptive sync.

On the Ranking race tonight (Richmond UCI course), the rider shadows were behaving oddly in bright sunlight. Body/bike parts were randomly disappearing and flickering on and off - the shadow of say the bike’s handlebars, not the avatar itself - and then every so often the shadows of everyone were replaced by a brief white flash on the ground. This only occurred for a single frame or two so was hard to see, but definitely there. Tried unsuccessfully to get a screenshot of it, but it happened throughout the race, at all points of the route.

Log file of the ride shows nothing out of the ordinary: Zwiftalizer 2.0

On a group ride on Watopia right now, same thing is happening.

Edit: watched it throughout the ride, definitely seems to only happen in full sun (not noticed it in the moonlight shadows) and it’s not consist so hard to document. I think rather than a white flash it’s actually the rider shadows disappearing for a split second. In your peripheral vision this appears as white, but I think it’s just the contrast change. As a result I reckon this could be a hangover related to the old avatar flickering issue that was resolved in version 1.29.1. I’ll have to try it with OBS running, like before…

Log file: Zwiftalizer 2.0

Turns out it does happen in the moonlight, @Sam_Crofts has kindly captured it. OBS was the recording software, so obviously that doesn’t help.

0:50 into this clip (0.25x playback speed is helpful): Test - YouTube


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I don’t think it’s just rider shadows. I noticed brief flashes while going through Titan’s Grove on Saturday. I didn’t realize what it was at the time but this thread made me go back and look for it since I happened to be recording it. For a single frame, some of the tree shadows disappear.

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Thanks, that confirms it’s a wider issue with the shadows then. The flashes are so brief and random that it’s easy to convince yourself it didn’t really happen, but it definitely does. :rofl:

Not sure if it’s related to the avatar flickering problem we finally got rid of in 1.29.1, or maybe recent changes I believe have been made to the lighting effects generally - hence kits looking frosty etc.

It’s like someone is taking a picture with a flash. Shows up well in this clip in the trees on the distance.

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Yep, definitely the same issue. :+1:

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Do you have the new RoboPaparazzi feature enabled?

Just saw this from the PD testing. See red building with green roof in the background, appearing as the user approaches the turn left:

Same flickering shadows, this time on Makuri Islands.

I noticed these flashes too, but could not see any relation with shadows

It’s various shadow elements that disappear for a split second then come back. It looks like a flash, but it’s just the rapid change in contrast.

But yeah, that’s the same thing you’ve captured there. :+1:

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You are correct, looking frame by frame I could see it clearly.


Your bike shadow disappeared at the same time.

I did a 30 minute ride this morning and now I can’t NOT see it happen. Très annoying.

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I missed the most evident thing.

Another high quality contribution to your Zwift experience I’ve made, then. :rofl:


It’s more annoying when it happens all the time, today I saw it a few dozen of times.

I can’t identify what causes it. I did the Watopia’s Waistband and in the start it was night in the desert and I saw flashes all the time. When I got to the desert again it was day and no more flashes. But yesterday it was day in the sequoias and I saw the flashes various times.

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It’s absolutely terrible through Titans Grove, wow (just did it). Doesn’t exactly take effort to see, entire areas flash.

That’s what made me think it was related to the bright sunlight, but I’ve no idea really. Anyway it needs fixing please devs. :slight_smile:

Yes, please. It may look like a small thing but it’s very annoying, I don’t understand how few people noticed it (only 2 upvotes).