Please fix the garage light

Please fix the garage lighting. The bikes are back-lit, which makes it very difficult to get the right color, especially given the small color slider. Please enlarge the slider too. Thanks in advance.

I’ve never seen any official Zwift sources commenting on this evidently intentional treatment of the avatar in the garage and Drop Shop, which has been ‘normal’ across multiple platforms for a couple of years. Would also be curious to know why it’s done this way.
As you may have seen, nine days ago a garage/Drop Shop bug was corrected, which affected the luminosity of the avatar so badly that it was far harder to make out any colours at all.

We can only assume that the current state of affairs is considered desirable. :man_shrugging:

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Niku, I completely agree, it’s very strange to do it this way, that (far as I recall) it’s always been this way, and no one else has commented on it. We can’t be the only people to notice this, right?

I have the current (1.46) update and, as you see from my screenshot, the backlit effect is still there. Odd, but there it is.

there was a big thread about it, it was meant to have been fixed in 1.46 - i’m guessing from your comments it hasn’t been?

Chris, that’s the same thread that I linked to two posts up. :wink:
While that particular bug has been corrected, what Carl is pointing out is that there is something weird about the lighting/colouring in the garage, and has been for a long time.

The grey pall over everything there, made worse by the contrasting bright white background, means that when viewing a set-up in the garage, it isn’t quite like what we see in game. Since this has been this way for a long time, it must be normal in Zwift developers’ eyes and therefore done for a reason.


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Thanks for the link, Niku and Chris. I posted a reply to Shuji, since he asked. Looks like 2 separate issues, the screenshot I saw the avatar was definitely too dark. The backlit bike and slider for all the bike colors (or colours) are a different issue.

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