Avatars look dark in Garage [July 2023] [PC] [1.44.2] [SOLVED]

I just did the update and when I go into my garage my avatar seems really dark (I think something happened with the in game light shader). All other things seem okay although just did the Canyon/SRAM ride and during the event I wasn’t wearing the special pro help I thought everyone was able to wear during these events only (no one seemed to be wearing the helmet).


Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for flagging this up, we’re looking into it.

I looked at your most recent ride and can confirm you’re on the latest version v1.44.2 for WIndows.

Is anyone else on a Windows PC seeing avatars in the Garage are missing the correct lighting and textures on the face?

Is anyone macOS / iOS / tvOS / Android also seeing poorly lit avatar in the Garage?

Shawn - regarding the Canyon//SRAM jersey unlock event - if you were using Zwift v1.44 you should have seen every avatar dressed in the special jersey assigned in that event. If you completed the jersey-unlock event, we will make sure it appears in your Garage once Zwift 1.44.2 has completed phased rollout to everyone.

The team-only helmet is something your avatar would have if you’re a pro on the actual Canyon//SRAM Racing team.

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Textures are all there but avatar lighting is much darker than normal in the garage. Windows, 1.44.2.

Edit: looks normal on iOS

Thank you for getting back to me and hopefully others on here can answer your question about the garage avatar appearing very dark.
Yes o did get the kit once the event finished (it unlocked). I just thought the helmet was supposed to be assigned to riders during the event only (like the bike paint scheme which all riders did have).
Thank you

Has been seen before

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Thank you for letting me know this Paul.
I am going on Windows and haven’t had the issue before (with 1.43 or before) so I am thinking it is a new bug introduced in this update just released today.

I think it is a new or just returning bug. It was resolved previously but it’s back.

Just updated and I can barely see my avatar in the garage now

Thank you Paul for confirming it is probably a new bug/returning bug.
Thanks Jason for confirming I am not alone in this bug.

Windows 10, 1.44.2.
Dark avatar in the garage for me.

Same here. Windows 11 and 1.44.2. Avatar totally dark in Garage. I thought it was my RTX 4070Ti GPU going crazy. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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macOS looks fine. Only on Windows I’m getting the dark avatar in Garage.

Hopefully a patch can be incoming to fix this soon.

Same problem here, can barely see the kit or bike colour, all looks very dark.
Makes matching your bike colour to your kit impossible.

I can confirm that on iOS it is fine (but not on Windows)

Yes, my wife’s avatar was also completely dark in the garage

+1 here. Windows 11, Z 1.44.2, nvidia graphics.


I can also see the very dark garage issue. Version 1.1.9/1.44.2, Win11/GTX1660. Must be a couple of months since I last opened the garage though. There is a comment above about this being a recurring issue, but have never seen it before.

The images in the garage/drop shop have been poorly lit compared to the on-road ones for a long time, but what’s happening in 1.44.2 on PC is different and the worst it’s been as far as I can recall.
I’d assumed that the darker garage lighting that has existed for a couple of years (at least on iOS, iPadOS and Windows) is intentional, whereas this new one surely isn’t.

Here are some July 2022 shots from my old account, taken on Windows 11; no idea of the Zwift version. The colours are still balanced and discernible:

Here’s what I see in iOS today, on 1.44.0, which I’d class as ‘normal’, despite the darkened imaging. It’s comparable to the PC version lighting as it was last year and was, if I remember correctly, until this latest update:

And here’s the same image in Windows 11, but taken on 1.44.2 today: